Further research in Ireland

I need another trip to Ireland to complete the research I had intended to do and also to augment further what we already know.

A.    Church Registers

The visit to Tullyard has highlighted that in fact, Leckpatrick was quite a distance away from Tullyard. It is more likely that the Wawn's attended church in towns closer to Tullyard, such as:

        Sion Mills

        I will check the PRONI for registers from these churches. If the registers
         survive, then this should be a useful source of information, as the period
        of the birth of the 10 children of Robert Wawn (including the 4 brothers)
         should be recorded somewhere.

B.    Ordnance Survey Maps

        I need to check these again.

C.    The General Register Office (Births Deaths & Marriages)

        Holds birth and death records after 1 January 1864 (and marriages from 1 January 1922).

        Surely, there must be some records of Wawn's !

        They were 'all booked out' when I was visiting.
        I have ascertained there have been no Wawn births in N Ireland since 1922.
        (the register is available in London).

D.    Strabane District Council

        Should also hold early Birth, Death and Marriage  records for the area, prior to 1864.

E.    Spelling

        The prevalent spelling seems to be 'Wann' - so I have to revisit a lot of material !


following Memorial is also at Rookwood Cemetery for F/Lt R D Wawn RAF 41505:

Wawn Family Tree