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14 May 2021   Scottish Exchequer and other medieval research by Charles Newby Wawn

13 May 2021   Australian Portraits page added

03 May 2021 (after a short break) Bankes Pedigree reinstated

10 September 2008 A letter from Dominique Wawn to (Charles) Montague Wawn in 1933 on family matters.

9 September 2008 - the Wawn Family Records are back ! I must have 'lost' them when the website was last rebuilt :(

16 October 2007 A special version of the Bankes' Pedigree.

8 August 2005 Added photos of Donald Mackay - clipper ship in Australian Shipping Arrivals - with thanks to Mike Wawn.

3 August 2005 Added photos of Frederick Middlemost Wawn's Memorial at Menen Gate, Ypres, Belgium (taken August 2004)

27 July 2005 The Smith Diaries - these are diaries of the Smith family from 1700's, kindly shared by Sheila Gale.

The Smith Diaries

20 June 2005 Added photos of Wawn graves from

Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery - Melbourne - Robert & Susannah Wawn and others

Brighton Cemetery - John James Wawn and others

Updated WWII Australian Service Men and Women

21 May 2005 Added photos to   Report from tour around the East Riding area of North Yorkshire and final resting place of Samuel & Mary Wawne

20 May 2005 Added photos of Capt William Twizell Wawn's grave - Rookwood, Sydney - Dec 2004

            Added photos of WWII service memorials at Rookwood Necropolis, Dec 2004

20 May 2005 Fixed broken links caused by capitalisation in file names

20 June 2004           Report from tour around the East Riding area of North Yorkshire

                    - reportedly the original seat of the Wawn family.

                    Discovered the final resting place of Samuel & Mary Wawne, otherwise, it's lots of pictures of churches (which all start to look the same after a while)

                    I still haven't done any work on this project for almost 2 years. :(

11 May 2003               Still trying to do some work on the family information when possible.
                                      Some other commitments continue to get in my way. Email me
                                      for updates !

7 October 2002          Birth of James Wann - 1793, Paisley, Scotland - our oldest ancestral record !
                                     Marriage of 'Mary Wanns' (sister of the 'four brothers'), Scotland 1880
                                     More Australian Servicemen in WWII added.
                                     Updated the Australian Section in general.

30 September 2002  Tidied up some graphics, thumbnails and broken links.
                                     I know some of them are still broken ... sorry....Frontpage is crap !

29 September 2002  Australian Servicemen in WWII added

                                     Captain Cook - a wood screw steamer owned by Robert Wawn 1903-4
                                     (b 1843 Tullyard, d 1827 Sydney)

28 September 2002  Update - I have finally embarked on a project to organise all of my source
                                     information and create a complete comprehensive database of 'Wawn'
                                     entries (there are a lot of them !). This will probably take about 3-4 months, so
                                     check back in January !

    30 August 2002     Finally, this page is on the search engine for www.msn.com !
                                   It's taken a year to finally get on a search engine !

29 August 2002    Links Page added

 26 August 2002    Details of Irish research and new Australian pages      
                                Added 'Work in Progress' section and started reorganisation.

17 August 2002     Scotland - births, Deaths and Marriages - 1553-1901

10 August 2002     1881 Census - England - National Surnames Index

18 July 2002            I now have a copy of William Twizell Wawn's  'South Sea Islands' 1893 !!!

18 July 2002           Smaller and faster graphics restored to all pages.
                                Hopefully it all works again now.

6 July 2002             England - Wills - complete index 1858-1930
                                Wills cross referenced to Death index for 1858-1920.

6 July 2002             The Great Card Index - index at SoG, London

6 July 2002             The Bernau Index - index at SoG, London

30 June 2002          England - Wills recorded at Principal Probate Register 1858 - 1930

30 June 2002          Scotland - Births, Deaths and Marriages 1885-1920 - work in progress

24 June 2002          William Twizell Wawn's Epitaph from Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney.

21 June 2021.         Works of Charles Newby Wawn (1885-1959)

Wawn Family Tree