Captain William Twizell Wawn
The South Sea Islands Islanders and the Queensland Labour Trade

A Record of Voyages and Experiences in the Western Pacific, from 1875 to 1891.

This 400 page book is held at the British Library. I also have a first edition copy.

Here are some interesting excerpts:

        Title Page                   (Quite large graphics file)                                      
        Dedication Page        (Quite large graphics file)

        Mr Morey's Official Report  

        Some engravings:   
        Presumably the caucasian chap is Capt Wawn. These engravings were from his sketches.

        Recruiting at Manno Kwoi, Malayta I.        (Quite large graphics files)
        Recruits' Quarters in a Labour Ship

        In a Tight Place                                                (Quite large graphics files)
        A Bath Interrupted
        Touching Noses

Wawn Family Tree