Wawn Family Records - Part 6

The holie ghoste prosper me in all my doinges Amen a thousand fyve hundrethe eyghtie seaven The last of Aprill I John Waughen of Sutton in heldernes in the Countie of yorke husbandman sicke in bodie but of prfect remembrance praysed be godde do ordeyne and make this my prsent testament conteyninge hearin my last will in maner and forme followinge ffirst and principallie I bequiethe my soule into the handes of almyghtie god And my bodie to be buried in the Churche of Sutton aforesaid Secondlie I do give to everie poure house in the prishe foure pence at the discrecon of willm Waughen and John Whyte where they thinke most need is Itm I do give and bequiethe the lease of my house wherin I nowe dwell wtn all and singuler thappurtenances whatsoeuer duringe all my yeares vnexpired in the same vnto Lawrence Waughen my sonne wch lease I do prsentlie deliur into the handes of John Whyte for the safe kepinge of the same for the vse profytt and benyfytt of my said sonne Lawrence a vntill he shall accomplishe the full yeares of his aige or by lawe demande the same And I will that my wyffe shall haue the occupacon of the same foresaid farme wth all and singuler thappurtenances fore tenne yeares yf she lyve so longe she doinge yearlie and everie yeare all repracons and payinge the Rentes and srvices due to to be paid out of the same And yf she dye afore the ende of tenne yeares I will the same shall come to Lawrence Waughen And yf he dye then to come to Thomas Waughen Peter Waughen sonne Itm I do give and bequiethe vnto Peter Waughen and his heires forever two prtes of willm Barkers b house Two prtes of willm Harrys house wtn thappurtenances thervnto belonginge whatsoever in Consideration of his thirdes more I give to him a lease of thre Acres thre stanges of meddowe And a leasen of two Acres of meddowe and two beast gaites in the saltes wch I have frome mr Thomas Dalton duringe my yeares vnexpired in the same wch leases and deeds I haue delivred wtn myne owne handes Itm I do give and bequiethe vnto Lawrence Waughen and his heires forever two houses halfe an oxgange of land wch I purchased of willm maugham wth thappurtenances wch I haue delivred for saffe kepinge to Johne whyte And yf he dye wthout issue to come to Thomas Waughen peter Waughen c sonne and his heires forever Itm I give to Jane Waughen my doughter a lease wch I haue frome mr Popellwell of fyve acres & dim. of meddowe duringe my yeares vnexpired wch I haue delivered vnto the same Jane and a bill of foure pounds thirtene shillinges and foure pence of nycholas Gyve wch I haue delivred vnto the same Jane Itm I do give vnto Anne Waughen a lease of thre acres Beast gaites in the saltes wch I haue of mr Phillipe Counstable duringe my yeares And two bills of foure pounde thirtene shillinges foure pence wch I haue of Roberte newsteade wch lease and bills I haue delivred vnto willm Waughen for the vse and profett of Anne Waughen Itm I do give to willm Waughen one cowe a yonge amblinge fillie called

            (a) De mortuis nil nisi bonum, but Lawrence has been dead so long now that we hope to be forgiven for bringing to light that he can hardly have taken the " profytt and benyfytt" his father intended, for we find that at Westminster on the 15th February 1592, special pardon was granted to Lawrence Wawne and Wm. Barker, late of Sutton, co. York, for burglary. (State Papers, Domestic, Eliz., docquet.)

            (b) Possibly the same Wm. Barker as was mixed up in the burglary.

            (c) There is a Will at York of Peter Wawne, als. Hubbersley, of Stockesley, dated the 4th December 1591 and proved (Vol. 25, Fol. 1075) on the 30th November 1592. See also Stokesley parish registers.

Rande Itm I do give to John Whyte an angell of gould Itm I do give to peter and Lawrence Waughen two spurryalles Itm I do give vnto Jaine Waughen the best bed couringe Itm I give to Anne Waughen a Read hawked quie of two yeares old Itm I give to my wyfe a Branded Cowe wch was bought at Swyne Itm I give to Raufe harbune two children eyther of them a quie of two yeares old Itm I give to Peter Waughen doughter a Branded Cowe And to Peter Waughen sonne two stott calues of a yeare old of the best—Itm I give to willm Waughen thre Children thre yewe hoges more to John Waughen foure yewes and foure Lambes Itm I give to willm Watkinsone and Sr peter two yewe hoges wch was Cardes Itm I give to Jaine Whyte one of the foure yewe hogges I bought of henrie Loppam Item I give to my syster hedgeley a browne quie of thre yeares old Itm I give to Peter stubes all my worke day apprel Item I give to Peter Waughen all my best apprel wth bootes savinge my best clooke wch I give to Lawrence Waughen Itm to willm Waughen a Russett Clooke—Itm I give to Raufe harbune a yonge Branded Cowe—Itm I give to Alisone Stringer a quie of ayear old Also I desyer Raufe harbune to be tutor and gardiner vnto Anne Waughen wth her porcon vntill she accomplishe the full yeares of her aige The Rest of my goodes not bequiethed my detts paid my will and legacie fulfilled I do give vnto Peter Waughen Lawrence Waughen Jane Waughen and Anne Waughen whome I make my full executors of this my last will and testamente And I desyer Willm pearsone Willm Waughen and John Whyte to be suprvisours of this my last will and testament to see the same executed and fulfilled as my truste is in them.—Witnesses Peter Shippwright Willm Watkinsone Willm Waughen and John Whyte. 1587.

                            (Proved at York, the 15th June 1587, by Peter and Jane Waughen power being reserved to Lawrence and Anne Waughen the other executors. Vol. 23, fol. 451.)

Will, dated 23rd September 1588,a of William Wawne of Newbrowghe,b—

My bodye to be buried wthin the churchyerd of Cowkeswould All my goodes that I have moveable and immoveable my debts legacies and funerall expenses dischardged I geve to Jane greathead als Wawne whome I make my full Executrix of this my last will and testament and I will that John Dowwhayte my cosen shall have the tuicion of the the said Jane greatheade als Wawne and all the goodes I have geven her during her minoritie and nonage Item I geve to tenne of the poorest widdowes in the parishe three shillinges fowre pence Item 1 geve to the rest of the poore of the parishe tenn

            (a) This being the year of the momentous defeat of the Spanish Armada it seems fitting to recall how news of the threatened invasion was flashed across Ryedale from beacon to beacon. A contemporary manuscript states " There is a beacon in Rydall called Ampleforthe beacon well repaired. It taketh light from Pickering beacon. It giveth light to the Sumclife beacon in the wapentake of Birdforth three miles distant from it westward." (Gordon Home's History of Pickering, pp. 159 and 160). In anticipation of the war with Spain there was a charge on Ryedale of 200 footmen in 1585 and 14 horsemen in 1586.

            (b) Newborough in the par. of Coxwold, six miles S.W. of Helmsley.

shillinges Item I geve to John Dowwhate my cosen my longe sworde and my dagger and a forrest bill Item I geve to Dorathee Wawne my cosen twentye shillings in money Witnesses George Simson, clerk, George Phillipe, Willm ffreare, Thomas Johnson wth others.

                            (Proved at York the 1st March 1588/9 by John Dowwhate the tutor named in the said Will during the minority of Jane Greathead als wawne the sole executor named in the said Will. Vol. 23, fol. 1008.)

    Then follows the will of Richard Waynd of Skewsby a :—

In the name of God Amen the xiij th day of August Anno Dni 1590 I Richard Waynd of Skewesbie in the County of York husbandman beinge sicke in bodie but havinge good and prfect memorye thankes be unto almyghtie God doe make and ordeyne this my last Will and and Testament in maner and forme followinge First I bequeathe my soul into the handes of almightie God my onelye Saviour and redemer and my bodye to be buried in the Church or churchyard of Dalbie Item I give unto Elizabethe my wife and Willm Wainde my youngeste sonne the farmehold wherein I nowe doe dwell Item I doe give unto my wife the half of all my goodes wch are in my House frome the hecke upward Item I doe give unto Thomasine my daughter the other halfe of all my goodes wch are in the house frome the hecke upwards wch half shalbe in the handes of my wife to use all her lyfe tyme Item I doe give unto the said Thomasine my daughter one cowe Item I doe give unto Richard Waind and Christofer Waynd and Thomas Waynd three of my sonnes tenne pounds of lawful English money to be equally distributed amongst them Item I doe give unto Leonard Waynd and to Willm Waynd my two youngest sonnes twentye nobles to be equallie distributed amonge them The rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable I doe give unto my wife and to Henry Richard Edward Christofer Thomas Leonard Willm and Thomasyne Waynd my children whom I make Executors Thes beinge Witnesses Thomas Bawsonne clerke Alexander Mawde

                            (Proved at York 1st October 1590 by Elizabeth the relict and Richard and Edward the sons, three of the Executors, power reserved to the others then minors. Vol. 24, fol. 442.)

    Will, dated 20th July 1592, of Leonard Wawne of Marton:—

My bodye to be buried in the churchyard of Sinnington To Isabell my wief one cowe and six ewes and to Elizabeth daughter of my sonne Thomas Wawne one cowe and six yewes To William Pendross his wief and to everie one of her children xij pence To William Penrose one jacket To John Cowloine one jackett To everie one of William Wawne's children of Normanbie xij pence Item I give to Robert Cowloine my

            (a) Skewsby, in the par. of Dalby, is ten miles west of Malton.

man one ewe Item I give to Jennett Cowloine my servaunt one ewe Item I give to the three sonnes of William Skelton of Thornton everie one of them one lamb To Sir Thomas xij pence The rest of my goodes I give to Isabelle my wief and Thomas my sonne whom I make my Executors. Witnesses Richard Skelton, Anthony Teneswood William Craven.

                            (Proved at York the 9th March 1592/3 by Thomas Wawne the sonne and sole executor. Vol. 25, fol. 1198.)

Will, dated 16th August 1592 of Edward Wawne of Normanbie in the county of York, husbandman:—

My bodye to be buried in the parish church of Normanby To James Wawne my house and garth with the appurtenances standing against the common pinfold of Normanby together with 130 acres of arable land meadow and pasture during all such term and interest as I have in the same To the said James Wawne the sum of 6li. 13s. 4d. I give unto Elizabeth Nicholson daughter unto my brother Thomas Wawne deceased the sum of 3li. 6s. 8d. Unto ffrances Wawne another daughter of my said brother Thomas Wawne deceased 3li. 6s. 8d. and to William Wawne son of my said brother Thomas Wawne deceased 10li. Unto James Boies son unto my brother in lawe Thomas Boies the lease of my house and garth or ffarm and the appurtenances wherein I now dwell for all the term of years in the said lease etc. I will that Elizabeth my wife shall have during her natural life the said lease if that she live so long as my said lease continues and if she die before my lease expires then I will that presently after the decease of my said wife then all the same lease shall go to the said James Boies I give unto William Wawne son of my brother Richard Wawne deceased 30s. to be paid yearly out of my house and grounds wherein I now dwell if he live but if he die the same shall cease To William Wawne son of my brother Richard Wawne deseased the sum of 13li. 6s. 8d. to be paid to him upon his attaining 21 years of his age To everie poore householder in the parish of Normanbie that hath no husbandry one bushel of Rye The residue to the said James Boies whom I make the sole executor of this my will Witnesses, Will. Bois, Thomas Stockell, Thomas Bois.

                            (Proved at York the 14th September 1593 by James Boies, the sole executor, Vol. 25, fol. 1438.)

At the York Probate Registry are also the administration of the goods of "James Wawne late of Normanbye deceased" granted the 9th November 1593 to William Wawne of the same place, brother of the said deceased, (Rydall), and administration of the goods of "William Wawne late of Normanbye deceased" granted the 23rd May 1595 to Jane Wawne, the widow and relict, (Rydall.)

There is next the will of William Wawne of Beverleya as follows:—

In the name of God Amen the xxviijth daye of June Anno dni 1596 Annoqr regni Reginae Elizabethae &c xxxviijth I Willm Wawne of Beurley in the County of Yorke Taylor beinge sicke in bodie but Whole in soule and of good and prfect remembrance thankes be to god revokinge and renouncinge all other my former will & wills which herrtofore I haue made do nowe ordeyne & make this my last will & testament in manner and forme followinge ffirst and principallie I giue and bequeath my soule vnto allmightie god my onely saviour and redeemer and my body to be buried in the prishe church yard of St Maries in Beurley Itm I giue and bequeath to the poore & most needie people in Beuerley iiijs. Itm I give and bequeath to Eme Tooke at the daye of her manage iijli. vjs. viijd. Itm I giue and bequeath to Averill & Alice Wawne my naturall children to either of them the sume of iijli. vjs viijd. and to either of them one flaunders cheist of the best Itm I give and bequeath to willm Watson my worst cloke & my best breeches Itm I give and bequeath to the occupation of Tailors iijs. iiijd. Itm I give and bequeath to Michaell Harrison for makinge my will three shillings fower pence Also I will that Syth Wawne my wife shall haue the bringinge vp of my said Children vntill they come to the age of xxj tie yeres or be maried The residue of all my goodes Chattells and debtes herein not legated given nor bequeathed my debtes paid funrall expences made legacies and bequestes prformed and deducted I freely and hartely give and bequeath vnto the sayd Sith Wawne Averill and Alice Wawne whome I do make ioyntly exequutors of this my last will & testament : finallie I doe make and ordeyne Anthony Jackson of Bushopburton suprvisor of this my last will & testament and I desire him for gods sake as my confidence and trust is in him to see the same iustlie and truely executed & prformed in all poyntes accordinge to my mynde aboue expressed In witnes wherof I haue herevnto set my hande and seale the daye and yere aboue written Witnesses hereof Peter Paype Anthonie Jackson William Gryme Michaell Harrison.

                            (Proved at York the 6th November 1596 by Sith Averil and Alice the coexecutors named in the said Will. Vol. 26, fol. 387.)

An extract from the will of John Wawne of Owbrough is as follows:—

            (a) Queen Elizabeth by grant to "our beloved the mayor governors and burgesses of our town of Beverley in our county of York" dated the 3rd February (no year but probably circa 1600) gave (inter alia) And also all that our tenement and one garthe to the same adjoining with the appurtenances in Beverley aforesaid containing by estimation half a rood of land with the appurtenances late in the tenure or occupation of William Wawne abutting on the south part upon a certain lane in Beverley aforesaid called Dead-lane . . . And also all that our one close with the appurtenances containing by estimation two acres of land now or late in the occupation of the said William Wawne of Beverley abutting on the west part of Pighill-lane ... To have hold and enjoy etc. rendering quit rents etc. (Poulson's Beverlac, Append. V., p. 27.)

2nd Decr, 1600. John Wawne of Owbroughe in Holdernes a in the Countie of yorke grassman.b My bodie to be buried in the prishe church yard of Swine. To the poore of Swine iijs. iiijd. To Sithe Wawne my wife one Cupbord standing in the house wch was her owne and one Cowe called wreghorne. To Charles Wawne my sonne Ellen Wawne Agnes Wawne Isabell Wawne and Jane Wawne my Daughters to eury one of them twentie shillings. To eury one of my wives Children six shillings eight pence. To Sithe my wife all my tytle and Jntrest of three Closes wch I haue of Mr John Ligett c and all my tytle and Jntrest of all my farming wch I haue of Mr Baumbroughe for to bringe vpp my young Children wthall. And I make her tutor and gardiner for them. The rest of all my goodes not given nor bequeathed I give and bequeath to Sithe my wife whom I make Executrix. Witnesses John Swann and Thomas Robson.

                        (Proved at York, Vol. 28, fol. 323, on the 5th March 1600 by Sithe Wawne the sole Executrix named in the said Will.)

            (a) Owbrough, a hamlet in the township of Ellerby in the parish of Swine.

            (b) See ante p. 59, note (d).

            (c) John Ligett, probably John Legard. Sir John Legard, bart., died the 2qth Sept. 1643 seised of Owbrough Grange which he held immediately of the Crown by knight service.



                    OF THE BRANCHES IN RYEDALE.

On the 26th April, 1604, administration was granted at York of the goods of Barbara Wawne of Marton to Robert Hardwick and Thomas Hardwick for the use and benefit of Elizabeth, Leonard and Robert Wawne, her children being minors, and on the same day administration was granted to the same two adminstrators of the goods of Thomas Wawne of Marton for the use and behoof of the same three children.a

Next are a series of Wills and Administrations taken from York Probate Registry which for the sake of brevity are for the most part by extract as follows:—

27th March 1605. Cicelie Wawne of Harum in the parish of helmesley and dioces of Yorke Spinster. ffirst to John Wawne of Wombleton her brother and to William Wawne his sonne the one halfe of all her goods filiall porcions and Right whatsoever equallie to be divided betwene them Item she did give and bequeath to Jane Nesse als Wawne her naturall and lovinge mother three pounds in money to be paid to her at Whittsuntyde come twelvemoneth Item she did give unto Emmott Willson her sisters (Daughter crossed out) xxs. in money and all her apparell wth all her brasse and pewther vessell Item she did give unto the said Emott Willson a partlettb and a crosse clothe and none of the said legace to be paid before Whitsontyde come a twelvemoneth The Residue of her goods fillial porcion and right she did give and bequeath unto the said John Wawne her brother and to Willm Wawne herc sonne whom she did make executors of this her laste will and testament These beinge witnesses called and desired herevnto James Willson and Robert Nicholson

            (a) Administration Acts, York Probate Registry (Rydall.) What tragedy lies behind these entries and those in the Sinnington parish registers which shew that Thomas and Barbara were buried within three days of each other ? Was it fire or flood or some similar accident ? Or was it disease ? for in 1604 no less than 3512 persons died of the plague in York and the markets were all cried down. The parish registers of St. Olave's, York, have the following under date 1604: Thes months followinge viz. September October november & December people dyed so fast that theye could not be well nombred tyll the vthe of December following the cekenes abayted the lrd be prased.

            (b) Partlett, a covering for the neck, and sometimes for the shoulders and breast; originally worn by both sexes but later by women alone ; a ruff.

            (c) Sic in the original entry but there is evidence the word should be "his."

                            (Proved 19th July 1606, Vol. 30, fol. 118, by John Wawne her brother and sole executor power being reserved to William and John his sons. In the Registry books the above will is entered by recital as in the above extract.) a

6th April 1608. John Wawne of Wombletonb wtnin the county of Yorke, husbandman. First I give to my wief Isabell Wawne one yoke of my greatest black oxen and two nagges and tenn pounds Item I give to my sonne William Wawne one yoke of oxen the one of corn white rigged and the other black belled and one bay mare and two kyne the one of them redd and the other black and an iron bound waine to convey and all my iron geare belonginge to husbandry and one brasse pott wch was father Wawne's and two stotts undrawne Item I give to my sonne John Wawne one yoke of oxen the one of them browne and the other etc. two black stotts which are drawne and one black mare and one yearing stagge I will that if my wief be now with childe my childe shall be equallie with the other two children My ffarm at Normanbye to go to my sonne William Wawne and to my sonne John Wawne and the childe which my wief is with now equallie but if she be not with childe or if either of the other two children shall die the same shall go to the survivor I give to my sister Mary Wawne a cowe I give to Jane Barker vj shillinges and viij pence To Emmie Barker v shillinges And whereas I should have had the shoppe of Alice Barker Isabell Barker and Margaret Barker c to halfe part since I marryed their mother I give my profitt of the said shoppe unto the said Alice Barker Isabell Barker and Margaret Barker and I will that my wief shall give part of the vessels and bedding unto those three daughters I give one ewe unto my sonne John Wawne and one ewe to Margaret Barker my wief daughter I make my wief Isabell Wawne sole Executrix. Witnesses, George Peacocke, John Simpson the elder, Thomas Wood and John Peacock the younger.

                            (Proved 19th August 1608, Vol. 30, fol. 696, by Isabell Wawne the relict and sole executrix. )d

24th June 1608. Tuition of Marie Wawne the natural and lawful daughter of William Wawne late of Normanbie deceased granted to John Merrit by the election of the said Marie Wawne.

                        (Administration Acts, Rydall.)

            (a) "1605. This yeare the plague was in Darneton, in Northallerton, and in Nesome" (Eryholme par. registers.) These are Darlington, Northallerton and Neasham. Harome is two miles south-east of Helmsley.

            (b) Wombleton is midway between Harome and Kirbymoorside.

            (c) Recusants charged at Thirsk Quarter Sessions, 30th Sept. 1620, Wombleton in Kirkdale, Margery Barker, Spinster. (North Riding Record Soc.)

            (d) Also see Admin. Act (Ridall) of the same date whereby tuition of William Wawne and John Wawne, the natural and lawful children of the said deceased, was granted to the said Isabelle Wawne.

29th January 1609. Marie Wawne of Sproxtona wthin the parish of Helmsley wthin the diocese of Yorke. I give unto Emannuell Willsonn and Elizabeth Willson my sisters daughters either of them the summe of five pounds of goode and lawfull English money and I give unto Elizabeth Willson aforesaid one brasse pott And I give also all such other brasse vessall and pewther vessell as I have over and besides unto ye said Emmott Willsonn and Elizabeth Willson equallie to be divided betweene them saving that if it please God that my sister William Willsonn wife be wth a woman childe that the said childe shall have an equall share of the said brasse and pewther vessell wtn them And I give also to the said childe that my sister Willson is now wth if it please God that it shall live fortie shillings of good and lawfull englishe money And if it should please God to call it to his mercie before it be capable of ye same then my will is that ye said fortie shillings shalle be equallie parted betweene the said Emmott and Elizabeth Willsonn in like manner Item I give unto William Wawne and John Wawne my late brother John Wawne his sonnes either of them thirtie shillings of lawfull englishe money (Item I give unto William crossed out) and Elizabeth Wilson his wife other twentie shillinges The rest of all my goodes cattells chattells household stuff and other utensils I give unto William Willson my brother in law whome I make full and whole executor of this my last will and he to pay my debts and discharge my funeralls. Witnesses William Morrow, Thomas Stead and William Wise.

                            (Proved 22nd December 1613, Vol. 32, fol. 619, by William Willsonn the sole executor.)

21st February 1627. William Wawne of Normanby in the county of York, husbandman. My bodye to be buryed in the churchyearde of Normanbie To Jane Wawne my wyffe 40s. To my tow sonnes Thomas and Richard Wawne to each of them 3li. in satisfacon of ther childs porcons To my three sonnes William Hugh and Edward Wawne and to my two daughters Elizabeth and Anne Wawne to eaech one of them forty shillings apiece To Matthew Wawne the sonne of my sonne Thomas Wawne tenn shillings To Richard Wawne the son of my sonne Rychard Wawne tenn shillings To my wyffe Jane Wawne and to my sonne William Wawne all my interest and tenantright in my ffarm wch I have of my cozen James Boyes and Mr. Richard Slater the profitt of this yeare only excepted To Hugh Wawne my sonne after this yeare all my interest and tenantrights in that part of Hewitson's farm which I have therein The rest of my goodes unbequeathed with this yeare's profits of my two farmes I give to my three sonnes William Hugh and Edward Wawne and my two daughters Elizabeth and Anne Wawne making all of them joint Executors I entreat my cozen Rauphe Hedley to end all differences. Witnesses, Mychaell Willan, clerk, Rauphe Hedley and Thomas Walker.

                    (Proved 23rd April 1629, Vol. 40, fol. 426, by William and Hugh Wawne, power being reserved to the other executors.)b

            (a) Sproxton, two miles south of Helmsley.

            (b) At Thirsk Quarter Sessions, 14th April, 1607, were presented "Tho. Waller and Will. Wawne, Overseers of Normanbie, for not paying to Rob. Bowland, a poore man, 14d. due to him at Easter last, and remayning of his assessment of 3d. a week." (North Riding Record Soc.) Quaere, whether Tho. Waller and Thomas Walker, who attested the above will, were the same person.

7th August 1638. William Wawne of Pockley. My bodye to be buryed in the churchyeard of Helmesley I give unto Prudence Wawne my dowghter one gymner lamb To Isabell Wawne my dowghter one gymner lamb The residue to my wife Margaret so long as she keeps herself my wife and unmarrried whome I make my sole executrix she giving to my grandechilde Willm Sunley one gymmer lamb Witnesses, Willm. Barker, Thomas ffoster,

                            (Proved 27th November 1638, Bundle for 1638/9. Goods ultra 40l. Original will with indorsement of probate.)a

8th May 1648. Administration of the goods of John Waune late of Muscotes, Dioc. Ebor., deceased, was granted to Anne Waune, the widow and relict of the said deceased.

                        (Administration Acts, Ridall, fol. 102.)b

18th July, 1662. Administration of the goods of William Wawne late of Terrington in the Diocese of York deceased intestate was granted to Elizabeth Wawne the widow and relict of the said deceased.

                        (Administration Acts, Bulmer, fol. 60.)c

6th April 1664. Administration of the goods of Edward Wawne of Normanby in the Diocese of York deceased intestate was granted to Bridget Wawne widow the relict of the said deceased.

                        (Administration Acts, fol. 139.)

            (a) Pockley, 2 miles N.E. of Helmsley. At Kirbymoorside Quarter Sessions, in 1616 the panel of jurymen included "Will. Wawne, Pockley, Yeomn" who presented John Wightman, a butcher, for a common drunckard, and goeth roaging up and downe and will not fall to anie labour; also a Bilsdale man for brewing a bushell of malt into ale to sell, etc. (North Riding Record Soc.)

            (b) Muscoates, three miles south west of Helmsley. By petition dated 4th August 1652 Marmaduke Norcliffe of Muscoates, co. York, prayed to the Commissioners for Compounding Cases that in 1648 Geo. Metham granted to Wm. Wawne a lease, transferred in 1651 to petitioner, of a house and land in Muscoates for 11 years at 20l. rent, which he held till lately sequestered for recusancy of Lady Metham to whom the County Commissioners allege it belongs and further prayed for examination of his claim and possession in the meantime. (State Papers, Domestic, 1643—1660, S.P. 23, Vol. 107, p. 530.) It should be remembered that the Civil War between the King and Parliament had commenced in 1642 and the yeomen of Ryedale were destined to see much of the conflict at their very doorsteps. In 1644 Helmsley castle was taken by parliamentary forces under Sir Thos. Fairfax after a severe struggle. In February 1644 Scarborough castle was beseiged and after holding out for the King until the 22nd July 1645 was honourably surrendered having been reduced to great extremities and following a second seige of five months duration in 1648 it was again taken on the 23rd December 1648. On the 30th January 1648/9 the King was beheaded. Pickering castle does not appear to have been defended though it was much despoiled during this period and there are records of Cromwellian soldiers having "breached the walls " and having been quartered in Pickering church. Lord Macaulay in his Hist. of England, speaking of this period states " The power which the country gentlemen and the country clergymen exercised in , " the rural districts was in some measure counterbalanced by the power of the yeomanry, an eminently' "manly and truehearted race .... A large portion of the yeomanry had, from the time of the "Reformation, leaned towards Puritanism, had, in the civil war, taken the side of the Parliament, and " had, after the Restoration, persisted in hearing Presbyterian and Independent preachers ....." On the I5th May 1658 a warrant was granted to the minister of his parish (par. not stated) for the committal to prison of Thomas Wawne for the non-payment of tithes. (State Papers, Domestic, 1658-1659.)

            (c) By Fine and Recovery levied in Trinity Term, 22 Jas. I., (1624) wherein Alvery Heslerton, gent., and Thos. Waslinge were querants and Wm. Dobson and Eliz., his wife and Wm. Wawne and Eliz., his wife, were deforciants, a cottage and lands in Pickeringe were recovered by the querants (Yorksh. Arch. Soc., Record Series, Vol. LVIII, p. 239.)

4th March 1679. (31 Chas. II.). John Wawne of Sinington in the County of York, Yeoman. To my three sonnes John Wawne William Wawne and George Wawne one messuage or tenement in Great Edston Item to the same three sonnes one close of pasture ground called North field lying and being within the Territories of Great Edston Likewise to the same three sonnes another close of meadow or pasture ground at Great Edston commonly called and known by the Cares a their heirs and assigns for ever To my brother Lumley Wawneb five pounds Residue to the said three sons John Wawne William Wawne and George Wawne who are appointed executors.—John Wawne. Witnesses, Lumley Wawne, William Cowper, Ester Cowper.

                        (Proved 3rd June 1681, Vol. 59, fol. 90.)

In ye Name of god Amen The twentieth day of May 1700 I Samuell Hardwick of Marton In ye Countey of Yorke yeoman being sick in body but of prfect minde & memory (thanks be to Almighty god) to whom I give & commit my Soull & by the merits of Jesus Christe my Saviour & redeemer I trust & assured & believe to be saved & to have full remission & forgivnesse of all my sins & my body to be buried in such place as mine Executrix hereafter named & appointed shall think fit And now as for my temporal Estate & such goods and chattels I doe order give & dispose ye same in manner & forme following ffirst I will yt all my debts or duties which I owe in right or conscionce to any manner of prson whatsoever shall be well & truly contented & paid withing convenient time after my decease by mine Executrix hereafter named Item I give all my lands houses or housing lying & being In Marton Abovesaid Vnto my son William Hardwick to him & his heirs for ever Item I alsoe give unto my sd son Will: all my good will of one farm in Marton Aforesd Which I ye said Samuell has in my possession at this time Which said farm my will is to for him to have when he comes to ye age of eighteen years if he soe long live Item I give unto my said son Will: ye sum of forty pounds of good & lawfull money of England as a Legacy to be paid by my Executrix hereafter named when he comes to ye age of eighteen years if please god he soe long live but if he happen to dy before he come to ye sd age of eighteen years then I give ye said sum of forty pounds to my two daughters hereafter named to be equally divided betwixt them Item I give unto my daughter Hannah Hardwick ye sum of fifty pounds of good and lawfull money of England as part of her portion when she ye sd Hannah comes to ye age of eighteen years to be paid out of my

            (a) The Carrs was no doubt part of the considerable carr land surrounding Great Edston.

            (b) It will be observed that Lumley Wawne was both a legatee and witness and had the present state of law obtained in 1681 he would have lost his legacy. He was bap. at Sinnington the I2th March 1645/6. Pavers Marriage Licenses give, 1673, Lumbley Wawne, butcher, 26, and Jane Skelton, spinster, 21, Simmington,—at Cathedral. At the Courts Leet and Baron of His Grace The Duke of Buckingham for the lordship of Kirbymoorside and held there the 25th October 1675 the jury presented and there were fined, Robt. Hardin for not bateing his bulls before slaughter, 2s. 0d., Lumley Waune ye like, 2s. 0d., Thomas Micklewood for casting ye carcase of a dead dogg and let him to lye in ye common way, 2s. 0d. (Frank's Ryedale and North Yorkshire Antiquities, p. 131.) He was bur. at Sinnington the 6th April, 1690.

prsonall estate by my Executrix hereafter named Item I give & bequeath unto my daughter Susannah Hardwick all my oxen cows younge goods sheep horses houshold goods & all other my goods moveable & unmoveable unbequeathed whom I make my whole and sole executrix of this my last will & Testament alsoe my will is that my sd daughter Susannah shall be Guardian or Tutrix for mine other two children (yt is) Will: & Hannah untill they come severally to ye age of eighteen years My debts paid & ffuneral expenses discarged by my Aforesd executrix And this is my Will and desire.

In witnessse whereof I have hereunto

Set mine hande & Seal ye day

& year above written his marke

Samuel Hardwick

His marke

Christopher Browne

His mark

Simeon Hardwick

Will: Skelton

                            (Administration granted the 30th May 1700 to Susannah Hardwicke a the daughter and sole executrix named in the Will. Rydall. Goods appraised 961. Debts 281. 13s. 4d.)

28th December 1705. Administration of the goods of Hannah Hardwick, daughter of Samuel Hardwick late of Marton in the Parish of Sinnington deceased was granted

to George Wawne.

                        (Administration Acts, Rydall.)

8th May 1702. William Beane senior of Kirbymoorside in ye County of York Yeoman. To be buried in ye Churchyard of Kirbymoorside. To my sonne William Beane sixty pounds to be paid to him within ye space of a month after ye expiration of his apprenticeship. To my son in law John Wawne ye sum of twenty shillings. To my son in law William Wawne ye sum of twenty shillings. To my grandchildren John Wawne and George Wawne my son in law John Wawnes two sons ye sum of Forty shillings apiece. To my grandchild William Wawne ye son of my son in law William Wawne ye sum of Forty shillings. To my brother Joshua Bene twenty shillings. To my brother in law William Kidd twenty shillings. To my son William Beane all my freehold estates whatsoever after the decease of my wife Mary Beane she to have itt during her life. Residue to my loving wife Mary Beane who is appointed sole Executrix. Witnesses, Robert Robinson, Richard Sugit Jnr.. Walter Lowther. (Signed by the mark of William Beane and sealed)

        (Appraisement made the 9th July 1702 at Tota Sma 125l. 0s. 8d.Administration granted the 13th July 1702 to Mary Beanethe widow and relict. Rydall.)

            (a) The Normanby registers have: Registrum Nomin: Nuptor' 1699. Georgius Wawn de Sinington et susanna Hardwicke of Marton matrimo contragerunt, 04° Martij.

5th September 1706. John Wawne of Sinnington in the County of York Yeom. To my sonne John Wawne the tenant right of all my houses ground and Lands wch I am now tenant unto under ye Countess of Salisbury and Esqr Bennett lying in Sinington aforesd. my sd. sonne Jn°. Wawne to enter upon ye same by and with ye consent and Leave of the Ld or Ladies or Steward of ye same when he shall attain the age of one and twenty years To my sonne Jn°. Wawne all my moiety share and part of my house and barnes etc. situate lying and being in Great Edston in ye said County of York after ye decease of my wife Anne Wawne to whom same is to be for life Item to my son Jn°. Wawne all yt. one close or parcel of ground knowne by ye name of the Carr lying in Great Edstone aforesaid upon attaining 21 years subject to my son Jno. Wawne paying to my sonn George Wawne ye summe of £100 within three months after my said sonne George Wawne shall attain one and twenty years If my son George Wawne die before attaining 21 years then my said son Jno Wawne shall pay unto my two Daughters Elizabeth Wawne and Mary Wawne £20 each Further £20 to my Daughter Elizabeth Wawne To my Daughter Mary Wawne all my moiety or one half part of a close called ye Dove field within the Territories of Kirkby Moorside upon attaining 21 years also a Legacy of £20 to the same Mary Residue to my Loveing wife Anne Wawne whom I do nominate constitute and appoint whole and sole Executrix of this my last Will and appoint her guardian of all my said children until they shall respectively attain to ye age of one and twenty years.—John Wawne. Witnesses, Will Wawne, Georg Wawne, Walter Lowther.

                        (Proved 1706, Vol. 64, fol. 81.)a

9th May 1738. George Wawn of Marton in the County of York, Yeoman. Unto my two sons Samuel Wawn and George Wawn all those four closes of Land Housing Garth and Priveleges belonging the same which I purchased lately of William Sparrowhawk lying within the township of Marton to be equally divided between them provided they pay to my son John Wawn the sum of £200 out of the said four closes of land which I give to my said son John as a legacy to be paid unto him immediately after my decease But in case my said sons Samuel and George refuse to pay unto my said son John the said sum of .£200 as above specified then my Will is that my said son John shall enter upon the said four closes before devised Item I give to my two daughters Elizabeth Wawn and Hannah Wawn each of them One hundred and thirty pounds a piece Item to my said daughters Elizabeth and Hannah all household goods Item I will and

            (a) Sinnington is a village of great antiquity and as early as 1305 had a charter to hold a market but the market has long been discontinued. The church restored about 1904 dates chiefly from the twelfth century. The maypole on the village green still survives and it is recorded that " In the year 1708 there did come a great company of Broad Brims for to stop the May Dance about the pole at Sinnington, and others acting by concert did the like at Helmsley, Kirby Moorside and Slingsby, singing and praying they gat them round about the garland pole whilst yet the may Queen was not yet come but when those with flute and drum and dancers came near to crown the Queen the Broad Brims did pray and sing psalms and would not give way while at the finish up there was like for to be a sad end to the day but some of the Sinnington Bucks did join hands in a long chain and thus swept them clean from the pole. At Slingsby there was a great dordum of a fight, but for a great while the Broad Brims have set their faces against all manner of our enjoyment." (Gordon Home's Hist. of Picketing, p. 190.)

recommend my son Samuel Wawn to be tenant to my ffarm in Marton which I got with my wife with the concurrence of the Lords of the Mannor Item I will and recommend my son George Wawn to be tenant of another ffarm in Marton aforesaid which did formerly belong to Simeon Hardwick deceased with the said concurrence of ye said Lords All the rest of my goods and chattels not before devised after payment of my debts and Legacies and funeral expenses I give unto my said two sons Samuel Wawn and George Wawn whom I constitute and appoint joint executors. Witnesses, Samll Milbourn, John Morry, James Hawson

                        (Proved 30th June 1742, Vol. 87, fol. 610.)

8th April 1740. John Wawn of Marton in the County of York, Farmer. Unto my brother George Wawn and his heirs for ever all my housing and Lands whatsoever and to my brother George my two horses To John Wawn of Sinnington £4 which sum he is indebted to me To my two sisters Elizabeth Wawn and Hannah Wawn all the residue and remainder of my personal estate whom I also appoint my executors. Witnesses, George Hudson, Thomas Wilson, James Hawson.

                        (Proved 30th June 1742, Vol. 87, fol. 610.)

30th August 1743. Administration of the goods of William Wawne late of Kirkby Moorside deceased intestate (as is assented) was granted to Mary Wawne his widow and relict. Inventory under 20l. and bond entered.

                        (Administration Acts, Rydall.)

18th September 1753.a Hannah Wawne of Marton in the parish of Sinnington in the County of York, Spinster. Unto my nephew John Taylor a legacy of ffifty pounds oh his attaining his age of eighteen years To my neice Susannah Taylor a legacy of £100 on attaining eighteen years To my nephew Andrew Taylor a legacy of £50 on his attaining eighteen years Or if any of my said nephews or neices should die before attaining eighteen years I will that the legacy or legacies of him her or them so dying shall go to and merge for the benefit of my sister Elizabeth Taylor their mother Item I give and bequeath unto my brother George Wawne a legacy of £40 Item I give and bequeath unto my neice Susannah Daughter of my brother George Wawn a legacy of Ten pounds on attaining eighteen years and if she shall die before attaining eighteen years then the same legacy of £10 shall go and be paid unto any other child of my said brother George Wawn that shall hereafter be born so soon as such other child shall attain her or his age of eighteen years at the election of my said brother My sister Elizabeth Taylor to be sole Executrix and to her is to go all the residue. Witnesses, Thomas Woodcock, Jas. Skelton.

                        (Proved 21st March 1754, Vol. 98, fol. 58.)

            (a) The year previous had seen the change in the calendar as noticed on p. 24 ante, note (d).

24th February 1756. William Wawne of Kirby Moorside in the County of York, Tallow Chandler and Soap Boiler. Unto my loving wife Ellinor all my estate at little Edston in the parish of Sinnington in the said County and the tenant right of the farm I hold under Thomas Duncomb Esqr. for and during the term of her natural life and from and after her decease the same estate at Little Edston and the tenant right of ye sd. farm into my Brother John Wawne his heirs and assigns for ever subject nevertheless to the payment of the several sums hereinafter mentioned (that is to say) $$250 and interest to Mrs. Hobson upon mortgage of the said premes and of the sum of £60 to my neice Ann Emson for which sum I have given her a bond payable immediately after the decease of my self and wife and I do hereby charge my said estate at little Edston with the payment thereof with full power for the said Ann Emson to enter into all or any part thereof and the same to hold to her own use untill she be paid the same by my brother To my nephew Richard Hewardine my best suit of clothes Boots silver spurs & silver watch & my best hatt & wigg also the residue and remainder of my estate real and personal I give devise and bequeath the same unto my wife Ellinor and her assigns as residuary Legatee and I do hereby appoint my neice Ann Emson executrix of this my last Will in Trust only for my said wife. Witnesses, Elizabeth Walker her mark, Wm

Johnson, Jas. Hobson.

                        (Proved 28th September 1756, Vol. 100, fol. 115.)

26th January 1758. Eleanor Wawnea of Kirkby Moorside in the County of York, Widow. To my neice Ann Empson all lands and tenements etc. whatsoever and all household effects and I appoint her the said Ann Empson sole executrix. Eleanor her X mark Wawne. Witnesses Wm. Atkinson, Richd. Shepperd, Eliz: Walker.

                        (Proved 5th November 1760, Vol. 104, fol. 439.)

23rd August 1759. George Wawne of Kirbymoorside in the County of York, Yeoman. To my sister Sarah Johnson ffifteen pounds To my sister Elizabeth Hewardine Ten pounds To my sister Mary Humble Ten pounds To my brother Robert Wawne five pounds As to all the rest of my goods and chattels I give and bequeath the same unto my Brother John Wawne whom I do hereby nominate and appoint sole executor. The mark and seal of George x Wawne. Witnesses, Thos. Kipling, Thomas Easterby.

                        (Proved August 1782, Vol. 126, fol. 342, Ul. 40l.)

            (a) By Indenture dated June 23rd 1752 Between William Baker of the City of York Carpenter and Ann his wife, one of the three daughters and co-heirs of Rich: Kendall, late of Helmsley Blackmoor, Barber-Surgeon, William Wawne of Kirbymoorside tallow-chandler and sope-boiler, and Eleanor his wife, another of the said three daughters and co-heirs, Robert Ash of Helmsley aforesaid and Margaret his wife, the third of the said daughters, of the one part and Jordan Moorhouse of Helmsley aforesaid, Butcher, of the other part it was witnessed that in consideration of £255 to the said Wm. and Ann Baker paid, and £255 to the said Wm. Wawne and Eleanor his wife and £253 6. 8 to the said Rich: and Margaret Ask They the Vendors granted the freehold and inheritance in fee simple of a messge, a garden, an orchard; several closes called the Pasture, the Corn-close, and the Crook-close in a place called Witherholme, otherwise Witherham, in the township of Skewsby and parish of Dalby, together with all houses, etc. (North Riding Record Society). In the list of papists in the possession of the archbishop of York under date 1735 appears: Kirby Moorside, Eleanor, ux. William Wawne, tallow-chandler. Ann Empson of Kirby died Oct. 20, bur. Oct. 21, 1791, at Kirby, age 69. (Kirbymoorside parish registers.)

8th March 1764. George Wawnea of Keldholme in the County of York. Unto my son John Wawne his heirs and assigns for ever all my freehold messuage Barns stables Orchard and all the outhouses thereunto belonging situate and being at Keldholme aforesaid with their and every of their appurtenances which are now in my own possession (Subject to the Dower or Thirds of my wife Ann the sum of Twenty pounds to be paid her within Six calendar months next after my decease and I further give to my said wife Ann one moiety or full half part of all and every my household goods plate Linnen Woollen and ffurniture whatsoever if she shall continue my widow but if she marry again then such moiety thereof shall be delivered up to my executor hereinafter named) Also I give and bequeath unto my son George Wawne one guinea and I hereby Nominate and appoint my said son John Wawne Sole executor of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me heretofore made. Witnesses, Sarah Nellson, Thomas Swan, Geo. Petch.

(Proved 22nd January 1765, Vol. 109, fol. 44)

In the Name of God Amen I John Wawne of Keldholme in the Parish of Kirkby Moorside in the County of York Yeoman being (through the Divine Blessing) in good Bodily Health and of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and declare this my last will and Testament in manner following Inprimis I give and devise unto Elisabeth my dearly beloved wife during her natural Life All that my Messuage House Yard and Orchard in Keldholme aforesaid wherein I now dwell with the Appurtenances thereto And after her decease I give and devise the above mentioned premises to any or all and every of the Child or Children of the said Elizabeth by me begotten or to be begotten and their respective heirs for ever equally to be divided as Tenants in Common Item I give and bequeath unto my said dear wife Elizabeth the Sum of Forty pounds as a Legacy to be paid out of my personal Estate at the end of one month next after my decease And if my personal Estate shall be deficient Then my will is that the said Forty pounds shall be paid out of the above devised Premises and that for nonpayment thereof She her Executors or Administrators shall hold and enjoy the said premises until payment of the said Sume of Forty pounds and all interest and Costs of Suit for the recovery thereof Item I give and bequeath unto my three Children Ann John and Mary a Legacy or Sum of One Guinea piece of Gold to be paid by mine Executrix out of my personal Estate at their respective Ages of Seventeen years in full of their respective Right or claim out of all my Real and personal Estate they having been already sufficiently provided for Item I give and bequeath unto my said dear wife Elizabeth All my personal Estate Goods chatties Stock in Trade Household Furniture Ready Money Plate and Linen whatsoever whom I make and appoint full and Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all former Wills and Testaments by me made In witness whereof I have hereunto set mine Hand

(where is this continued .... ?? )

            (a) The list of freeholders who voted at the county election for Yorkshire in 1741 contains the name of "George Wann of Keldham".

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