Wawn Family Records - Part 5

my goodes my dettes paide and legacies fulfilled I give and bequeath to margaret my wife John and willm my sonnes to margaret and Isabell my doughters whome all I make my Jonte Executors of this my testament and last will pay my detts fulfill my legacie and see to dispose for the helth of my soull also I will John myne eldest sone to myne vncle Cutt of Roiston and my other children to be at the gydinge of my wif and brethrene Witnes herof Chrofer wilkinson preste willm hodgeson John Browne the yonger Stephen knaggs and willm whitt.

                            (Proved at York, Vol. 11, fol. 640, on the 7th October 1542 by Margaret the relict power being reserved to John William Margaret and Isabell the children).

In the will of Robert Hungaite,a of Burnbie, dated the 22nd January, 1542, Sir Robert Wawne appears as one of the witnesses. The will was proved at York the 12th April, 1543.b

    The will of Robert Wawne, of Boynton,c is as follows:—

In the name of God Amen the sixte daie of Julij in the yere of our lorde god a thousande fiue hundrethe and fortie fyve I Robert wawne of Boynton of hooll mynde and good remembrance makithe this my testament and laste will in manner and forme hereafter followinge ffirste I bequeathe my soule to god almightie and my bodye to be buried in the churche of Boynton onder the belhouse And I bequeathe for lienge in the said churche iijs. iiijd. And I bequeathe to the clerk and the singers of all saintes daie at nyghte eurie yere duringe xxi yere iiijd. euerie yere to praie for my soule and all chrysten soulles And I bequeath to the blissid sacrament for forgotten tithes xxd. And I bequeathe to Sr John Potter a foall that is at lowthroped Itm I bequeath to Sr henrie Salvaine the vicar of Boynton my curaite a foall that is at Normanbie in my vncle wawne kepinge Itm I bequeathe to my broder Thomas Wawne my blake kelter coott my coote of plaite my leade mell my sworde my bukler my sadle and my bridle Itm I bequeathe to my broder Thomas wif halfe a quarter of barlie malte yerelie duringe

            (a) Probably second son of William Hungate, of Burnby and Saxton, by Margaret, daughter and coheiress of William Sawley, of Saxton. There are many wills of this family at York. Burnby is three miles South East of Pocklington.

            (b) Surtees Society, Vol. CVI, Testamenta Eboracensia VI, p. 170, where a copy of the will is printed. It is entered in the York Probate Registry at Vol. 11, fol. 661. It will be observed that Sir Robert Wawne is a legatee under the will of Thomas Wawne of Great Edstone dated the 3rd October, 1549, and he probably belonged to the neighbourhood of Burnby. The undated will of Roger Sothebie (son of John Sothebie, of Pocklington, by Jane, daughter and co-heiress of Sir William Hawcliffe) of Burnholme (now Nunburnholme) was proved at York on the 20th September, 1546, and was witnessed by [Sir] William Constable and Christofer Mayne and others. Roger Sothebie married Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Constable, of Hatfield, whose will, dated the 4th June, 1551, is given post., and their daughter, Margaret Sothebie, married William Hungate, of Saxton, son of the above Robert Hungate.

            (c) Boynton, four miles west of Bridlington. The parish registers commence in 1563.

            (d) Lowthorpe, four miles North East of Great Driffield. Apparently the Testator had other land at Lowthorpe,

nonaige of the yongest childe to it be ten yere of aige Itm I give to John Cowsbie a quarter of malte at the daie of his mariedge Itm I give to Robert Dighton a noxegange of corne sawen throughe the feildes at Lowthroppe Item I give to Elsabeth Hoy to praie for my soule xxd. Itm I give to my cosine Jane parrott to praie for my soule xijd. Itm I give to aythere of my god childrine in Boynton a pecke of wheate Itm I give to eurye house in Boynton ijd. Itm I give to Nicholes Awmonde half a quarter of barlie Itm to eurie one of my fower hinds a mette of barlie Itm I give to Alice Wawne my wif my righte of my farmolde at Boynton duringe her lif and if she die before the lease be expired then I will that Elsabeth my doughter haue the saide farmoldea duringe the terme of my yeres and if the saide Elsabeth die then I will that Christean my doughter haue it and after her I will that margarete haue it after her I will that Jenett my doughter haue it after her and if it please god to call them to his mercie one after a nother And I will that Robert Dyghton shall haue and occupie my farmolde at lowthrope begynnynge at Witsondaie last paste to the terme and ende of fower yeres to they bee fullie compleit and ended and he to leave iiij oxgange of corne sawn throughe oute the feildes of Lowthrop so good as he entrid to it by the sighte of fower men and also if the saide Robert will occupie the saide farmolde he shalbe bownde to discharge my wif and my children of all manner of duties that I am bownde to in my leace or els he shall not occupie the saide farmolde Also yff the saide Roberte cannot be prouided of a farmolde at the end of the fower yeres then I will that he shall sitte still in the housse from Witsondaie to Martynmes and to haue the garthe w t it and at the saide Martynmes then clerlie to departe and then my wif and my chyldren to occupie the saide farmolde duringe the terme of my leace Itm I will that my Executor shall paie to my cosine Katerine pairker iij poundes of money yf she will swere apon a booke before a Judge of the Lawe that I awe it to her Also I will that my cosine Sr John potter and my broder Thomas wawne shalbe the Supervisores of this my laste will to see that it be trulie fulfilled Also I bequeathe the Residue of all my goodes to Alice wawne my wif and to my fower Doughters aboue naymed whome I make myne Executrices Witnes herof Sr henrie Salvane the vicar Thomas Runketon John wiske and willm wiske.

(Proved at York, Vol. 13, fol. 294, on the 28th April 1547

by Alice the relict, Elizabeth and Jenet, the said Margaret

                            and Christian being minors.)

Then comes the will of Nicholas Wawne, of Normanby, as follows:—

In the name of God Amen I Nicholas wawne of Normanbie the xvth daie of octobre in the yere of oure lorde god a thousande fyve hundreth fortie five of good memorie doithe maike my testament vpon this manner followinge ffirste I give my

    (a) Halliwell gives "Fermeald" (Anglo-Saxon), A farm. Literally, a farm holding.

soule to god almightie and my bodie to be buried in my prishe churche yerde of Normanbie Also I give to the hie alter of the saide churche xijd. Item to the church warkes viijd. Item to Sir Thomas Capleman my curate one yewe Item I give to Elisabeth my wife the lease of my farmeholde in Marton for the whiche lease I doo owe vnto Richarde Symson iijli. xiijs. iiijd. the whiche monaye I will that she doo taike vpon my goodes to paie the saide Richard Symson for the saide leace and Thomas wawne my sone shall have vpon my porcon beside his parte iijli. xiijs. iiijd. to be equall with his mother accordingely that she haithe to her leace Item I give to the saide Thomas my sworde and bucler my woode knife and all my workinge geire Item I will that Thomas wawne my brother have my childe withe his porcon if he will haue hyme and be good vnto hymea Item I give vnto my mother all suche thinges as she doithe owe me Item to Jennett hownte my mother in lawe one yewe Item to John wawne my brother xijd. and one ledder dublette Item to williame hownte my weddyn dublett Item to Robt. hownte a paire of hoise and a dublette Item I give to williame wawne my brother and to John Capleman ather of thame a lambe and they to be Supervisors of this my laste will as my truste is in thame The Residue of my goodes my dettes paide and my will prformed I give to Elisabeth my wife and Thomas my sone whom I do maike my executoures to decide betwixte thame as that they thinke the best Thes witnes Thomas Capleman preste william wawne John Capleman.

                            (Proved at York, Vol. 13, fol. 108, on the 20th November 1545 by the relict and power reserved to Thomas the son the other Executor.)

In 1546 the Court of Augmentations and Revenues of the King's Crown granted a license to William Romesden, of Longeley, co. York, and Richard Vavasour, of Rypon, co. York, to alienate to Robert Mennell the manor of Normanby, Yorks, and the lands leased with it to Thomas Gervis, and " all that messuage and one garden and three bovates of land with the appurtenances now or late in the tenure and occupation of Robert Wawen situate and being in Normanby in the said county of York and one other messuage and one garden and two bovates of land situate with the appurtenances in Normanby aforesaid now or late in the tenure and occupation of William Wawen," and lands in Normanby in the tenure of Thomas Smythson and John Dryng, " one other messuage and tenement and one garden and two bovates of arrable land situate with

            (a) Thomas evidently took him, and in turn by his will requested his friend Richard Sympson to act as guardian to the boy.

the appurtenances in Normanby aforesaid now or late in the tenure of Thomas Wawen," and lands also in Normanby in the tenure of Thos. Dighton, the relict of ——— Stockall, Wm. Proude, John Foster, Wm. Baker, Wm. Spaven, ——— Walker, widow, Geo. Gill, Ric. Smythson, Robert Hunte (including the bakehouse called Le Commen Backhouse), Nic. Hyrde, Thos. Hope and Wm. Baker; lands in Marton, a Yorks., in the tenure of Cristofr Skelton, "and one other messuage and tenement and three bovates of land and one acre of land and the appurtenances in the Abbots parke now or late in the tenure of John Wayen in marton aforesaid," and lands in Marton in the tenure of Thomas Harwyk; also lands in Kyrkeby Overcarre, alias Kirkeby Mysterton, Yorks., in the tenure of Chr. Franke and others.b

    The will of Robert Wawne, of Normanby, is as follows:—

In Dei Noie Amen the firste daie of Octobre in the yere of our lorde god MDxlvj I Robert Wawne husbandeman of Normandebie of hooll mynde and good remembrance dwellinge within the countie of yorke makes my Will and testament in the manner and forme followinge ffirst I give and bequeathe my soule to god almyghtie oure ladie sancte marie his blessed moder and to all the holie company of heven and my bodie to be buried within the churche yerde of Normandbie my prishe churche dedicate in the honore of god and sancte Andrewe Also I give and bequeathe to the hie Alter iiijd. I give also to Willm ffoster one oxe and to John Walker one oxe Also I give to William walker one bound wayne and ij oxen withe the reversion of my house for the years of my take after the decease off Agnes wawne my wif The residue of my goodes not bequeathed bothe moveable and vnmoveable I give to Agnes wawne whom I make my executrixe for to distribute and dispoise for the healthe of my soule as she shall thinke good and necessarie for the healthe and profett of my soule—Thies witnesses Willm wawne Thomas wawne John ffoster and Sr Arthur ffoster curate.

                            (Proved at York, 30th March 1547, Vol. 13, fol. 249.)

    The will of Agnes Wawne, his widow, is as follows:—

In Dei Noie Amen the xxix daie of October in the yere of our lorde god a m vc xlvj I Agnes wawne of Normandebie widow of hooll mynde and good remembrance make my will in manner and forme followinge ffirste I bequeathe

            (a) Marton, one mile North of Normanby, is in the parish of Sinnington.

            (b) Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Hen. VIII, Vol. XXI, Pt. II, p. 420. The original at the Public Record Office is Pat. Rolls, C. 66, No. 792, m. 2. Kirby Misperton is three miles South East of Normanby.

my soule to god almightie oure ladie sancte marie his mother and to all the blessed felloweshipe and company of heven and my bodie to be buried within the churche yerde of Normandebie my prishe churche dedicaite in the honore of god and sancte Andrewe Also I give and bequeathe to the hie alter xijd. Also I give to Sr Arthure ffoster my curaite to praie for me viijd. Also I give to willm walker the best yonge maire one coverlet ij blanketts a paire of the best lynea shetes one mattres one pillowe I give also to willm wawne a guye calf Also I give to Sithe wawne a yeweb I give to Allison c wawne a yewe Also I give to Alison harlande my doughter the best almeried I give also to Elsabeth ffoster my doughter the other almerie Also I give to Elsabeth person e one mattres a pair of shetes a brasse potte and a pewther dublerf and a pewder dishe Also I give to henrie Godfride whome I maike the suprvisore of my will to see that it be prformed and fulfilled ijs. The residue of my goodes not given nor bequeathed boithe moveable and vnmoveable my dettes paide and funerall expenses maide I give to Alison harlande and Elsabeth ffoster my doughters whome I maike my executores for the behove and prffet of willm walker willm ffoster and John walker forto give and dispoise as they shall thinke good and expedient for the healthe and proffett of my soule 'Thies witnesses henrie Godfride John ffoster Robert harlande and Sr Arthure ffoster my curate.

                            (Proved at York, Vol. 13, fol. 248, on the 19th January 1546 by Alice harlande and Elisabeth ffoster the daughters of the deceased the Executors.)g

In 1548 a report to the Court of Augmentations was made by Matthew White, their surveyor, as follows:—

This inventory indentyd and made the xxth day of May in the seconde yere of the reigne of our sovereigne lorde kinge Edwarde the sixt, conteynyth the nombre and quantitie of all the plate and juelles of all the colleges, chaunteryes, frechapelles, ffraternyties, brotherheides, and guyldes, being come to the Kinges Majestic by Act of Parliament, within the surveye and cyrcuyt of Mathewe White,h particler surveyour of all

            (a) Linen.

            (b) The identity of Sithe, who also appears in later wills, is uncertain. The name appears to have been used for either males or females and is probably derived from St. Osyth. (c) i.e., Alice.

            (d) Almerie, a cupboard (Ogilvie's Dict.).

            (e) Pearson.

            (f) Doubler, a large dish.

            (g) This testatrix and her husband, Robert Wawne, were the mother and father respectively of Stephen Waghen, whose will is given ante, dated the 18th June, 1542.

            (h) It appears that in the following year, this Matthew White was "wickedly and cruelly murdered by certain rebellious persons in the county of York."

the Kinges Majesties landes and possessions as well within the cathedrall churche and the citie of Yorke, as within the Northridding in the countie of Yorke, beyng within the governance and survey of the courte of th'Augmentacions of the Revenuez of the Kinges crowne and nowe remaynyng in thandes and custodie of the said Mathewe White to th'use of the Kinges Highnesse—

SPAUNETON.a—There is in the towne of Spawnetoun a stokeb of xxjli. vijs. ijd. and th'increasse thereof haithe bene imployed in the finding of a preste in the churche there. The whiche some of money remainithe in th'andes of thes personnes folowing that is to say,.Richard Wawde, vjs. viijd.......Thomas Wawne,c vjs. viijd.............In all xxjli. vijs. ijd.d

    The will of Thomas Wawne, of Great Edstone,e is as follows:—

In Die Noie Amen the thirde day of October in the yere of or lord god MDxlix I Thomas Wawne husbandman of Greate Edstone make my will and testament being of good mynd and prfecte remembrance in this maner and forme foloyng : ffirste I bequath my soull to god onlie and my bodie to be beried within the church yerde of Greate Edstone my prishe church dedicate in the honor of god and sancte Michael also I gif to the church warks to be praid for iijj. iiijd. I gif to Sir William parker the vicar of Edstone for all tithes and forgottyn offryngs necligently and ignorantlie omytted and vnpaid ijs. I gif to Sir arthure ffoster to pray for me xijd. I gif to eurye howse within the towne of Greate Edstone iiijd. I gif to William Wawne my broder on bukskyn dublett I gif the take of my howse to Margarete my wif and my childer John my son and she forto bring hym vp of it solong as the yeres of my take ar unexpired and then John my son to have the preferment of it by the helpe of his moder and frendes I gif to Thomas Ridley on gray amblyng stag of a yere old and upward forto be good to my wif and my childer and forto helpe and ade them if any wold wrong them aneynst the

            (a) Spaunton, three miles North East of Kirbymoorside.

            (b) Church stock of those days consisted of cattle, sheep, horses, etc., and money which was let out or lent to local persons as an investment with a view to "increase" or income for the upkeep of the priest.

            (c) Probably Thomas Wawne, of Great Edston, whose will follows, dated 1549.

            (d) Surtees Society, Vol. XCVII, Inventories of Church Goods, p. 121. Vide also Surtees Society, Vol. XCII, Yorkshire Chantry Surveys, p. 512.

            (e) Great Edston, two miles South East of Kirbymoorside and three miles North West of Normanby. The testator is the father of John Wawne, whose will is given infra, under date the 23rd March, 1578.

fermold or any other thing as tochyng theire childes porconsa I gif to agnes hicke my srvnte besides her wags xijd. I gif to henrie Usher my srvnte iiijd. I gif to Richard wawne my broder son a lambe I gif to William loftus a yewe and a lambe I gif to Rauf Sonlay on lamb I gif to John Richardson a Jackett on pare of hoise and a dublett wedder as my wif will gif hym I gif to margarete Batson my god doughtor a lambe I gif to Sir Robt wawne a worstett dublett I gif to John my broder my weddyng cap I gif to Sithe wawneb half a stone of woll Also I desire my Gossope c Richard Sympson to be good to Thomas Wawne the son of Nicholas wawne and to take him and his parte of goods and to bring hym vp of the entreste of it if it please hym and so to delyver hym the said goods when he is of lawfull adge to occupie them his self : a portion of the whole goodes is at this daye in my handes to the valor of iiijli. and in my broder william handes xxs. and in Sir John Blackett handes the Vicar of Salton xlvis. viijd. with all other things moore of his childes porcon whiche is in any others bodies handes at this daye vnpaid 1 hertely desire yowe and Roger youre son to helpe and to se that it be gotten to his behove and prfett : and then to have for youre paynes and labours of his childes porcon vs. The residue of my goods bothe moveable and vnmoveable not bequeathed my detts paid and funerall expenses dischardged I gif to Margarete wayne my wif and John and bartholomew my sones whome I make my executoures. These wittenes John Boyes John Dawkyns.

                            (Proved at York, Vol. 13, fol. 660, the 3rd October 1550, by Margaret Wawne, power being reserved to John Wawne and Bartholomew Wawne, they being under age.)

The probate entry of the following will of John Wawne of Wawne, dated the 21st April, 1550, has in the margin the words " Wawyne of Waghene ":—

In the name of God Amen the xxj daye of Aprile Anno Dni Millmo quingenmo quinquagimo I John Wayne of Wayne with a hooll mynd and good remembrance make this to be my last Will and testament in forme foloing ffurst I will and gif my saull onlie to God Almyghtie or Ladie Sancte Marie and all the blissed company of Heven and my bodie to the Churche yerde of Wawne Itm I gif to the poore mens box ijd. Item I gif to the Cawseyd ijd. Itm to John Wawne my sone the carte and the gere belonging thereto Item I will Elisabeth and Ellene my daughters and either of them on mattres on lyn sheite on covrlett of the best This done my detts paid The rest of all my goodes not willd I wil and gif them unto my

            (a) This buying off of illfeeling and harm arising therefrom is an illustration of the state of the country at that time.

            (b) Vide will of Agnes Wawne, ante, dated 29th October, 1546.

            (c) Gossip, a friend or comrade; a companion; a familiar and customary acquaintance.

            (d) The causeway, ie., the road. There were then no district rates levied to defray the cost of the repair of roads.

welbeloved Wif Jenett Wawne whom I make onlie to be my executrix and myne Trustee hereof further to despose it as she shall think good for my saull and all Christian saulls by her better counsell Witness hereof Sir Henrie Brewster,a Henrie Coroffyn, Robert Heed, Thomas Browne & John Martyne.

                            (Proved at York, Vol. 13, fol. 657, the 2nd October 1550, by Joan the relict, the sole executrix.)

            (a) Dno. Henry Brewster, Presb., incumbent of Waghen from 27th April, 1531, to 31st August, 1562.

                                CHAPTER V. 1550—1600.

N the 4th June, 5 Edw. VI. (1551) "William Constable of Haitfelde, knyght," made his will whereby he leaves "my soull to Almightie God and my bodye to be buried like a Christian man at the will of myne executors" and "to be distributed and giuen to lx of the poorest householders; that is to say in Haitfeldea x in Withornwike x in Gousell and Silsthorne x in Mapilton and Roulston x and in Hornsaye with the Bekke xx to euery howse a peice of beif a pecke of wheate and iiijd. in money and this beif to be taken of ye oxen or els of iij stottesb to be equallie diuided in lx peices for the seruynge the sayd lx housholdes" and directs that " my executors shall take all the rentes of all my landes in Greate Haitfelde which I have purchased of William Tothe and John Wawne and also of my landes in Beforth whiche I purchased of my son in lawe Christofer Maynec vnto the som of c poundes to be fullie taken for the payment of debtes and performance of my will" and appoints as his executrix "Mawde my wif."d

By his will dated the 2nd April, 1556, Henry Aynesworth of Wynkborne in the countie of Nottingham gave "To my doughter Jane Wawn twentie shillinges To Thomas Wawn xs.

            (a) The modern names of these places respectively are Hatfield, Withernwick, Goxhill, Sigglesthorne, Mappleton, Rowlston, and Hornsea (formerly Hornseabeck).

            (b) A stott was an ox, but the appellation was rarely used except to one that was not very old.

            (c) During the Michaelmas Term 23 & 24 Eliz. (1581) by Fine and Recovery, Marmaduke Mayne, gent., Anthony Iveson, Robert Wright and John Wawne took seisin from William Burne and Cecilia, his wife, of pasture lands in Fossam, with warrant against Edward Elrington and his heirs. (Yorksh. Arch. Soc. (Record Series) Feet of Fines for the Tudor Period). Fosham, a hamlet in the parish of Aldborough, is three miles South-South East of Great Hatfield. Thomas Elryngton of east Twyford in Willesden, co. Middlesex, esquire, by will dated 10th July 1566 devises his manor of Fosham in Yorkshire, his manor of Deincourt, &c., to his son and heir Edward Elryngton (Poulson's Holderness, II, pp. 26 and 544). Marmaduke Mayne of Rowston (Rowlston in the par. of Mappleton) gent., was son of Christopher Mayne of Rowlston, gent., who married Agnes, daughter of the above Sir Wm. Constable. Marmaduke Mayne married Alice, dau. of Robert Wright of Flinton (Karl. MSS. 1394, fol. 99).

            (d) Proved at York, 7th December 1551, Vol. 13, fol. 800d. The will is printed in the Yorksh. Arch. Soc. (Record Series), Vol. LI, p. 28n.

To Elizabeth Wawn xs. To my sonne George Wawn my grey gelding and to my godson Henry Wawn a fole".a

By will dated the 10th December, 1556,b Robert Flee, parson of Leven, bequeathed to Ann daughter of Alien Walker xls. in money one bed with posts and hangings of grene and red canvise a fetherbed and boulster a pressour with dores lock and key a table with ij tressals ij cottin candle sticks a spruse coffer etc., many legacies to gossips, to Thomas Gervis a paire of landyroris with pomells of latyn, to John Walker or Wayne a tombrell and xxs. in money or pennyworthe and appointed John Egelfield, esquyer, and Thomas Gerves of Beverley supervisors of his will.

By a deed of grant dated the 24th January, 2 Eliz. (1559/60), by Antony Wilson and others, the property granted comprised (inter alia) " a messuage in Waikefeld in a street called Westgaite, betwixt the burgage aforesaid of the east part and the messuage of Richard Wawan of the west part . . . " c

            (a) Surtees Society, Vol. 116, p. 237. Probably these Wawns were of Clayworth, co. Notts. There is the administration of Thomas Wawne of Claworth at York Probate Registry, dated 19th May, 1552 (Retford). The pedigree of Charles Wawin of Claworth is shewn in The Visitation of London, Anno Domini, 1633, 1634 and 1635, made by Sir Henry St. George, Kt., Richmond Herald, and pub. by Harleian Society, 1883, Vol. 17, and after giving the arms as "A Lewer (i.e. a hawk's lure) between three Hawkes" adds "quere whether he be a gent. & can beare arms." However later it is directed that "the descent & Armes are to be ent. beinge approved since the Rasure." This pedigree was submitted by "Geruase Wawen of London, gent., now liuing 1633" whose second son Gervace Wawen is mentioned. In 1656 Gervase Wawen was granted administration of the estate of Katherine Ellis of Beverley (P.C.C., 415, Berkley). Cf. the connection of the family of Gerves of Normanby with the family of Wawne, ante p. 63.

            (b) Proved at York, 17th March, 1556/7, Vol. 16, fol. 189 (Prerog.). See Poulson's Holderness, I, p.352. John Eglefield was one of the Egleflelds of Mappleton.

            (c) Yorksh. Arch. Soc. (Rec. Ser.), Vol. XXXIX, p. 178. There are numerous references to the branch of the family in the Wakefield district. About 1369 "To all to whom these presents shall come etc. wee William the prior & Covent of Nostell have given & granted to Thomas Wawayn one bovate of land in Hesel, videlicet, that which Herbert de Hesel sometime held of us except one acre of the same bovate of land with the buildings thereupon which we formerly granted to William Huse of Dovedale" and about the same date Alexander son of Thomas Wawayn surrendered to the Prior of Nostell two bovates of land in Hesell (Yorksh. Arch. Soc. Jour., Vol. VII, p. 265). 1418. Heriots etc. on the Wakefield Manor Rolls. Sandall: Wm. Batt and Robt. Wawan, cousins and next heirs of Thos. Gaunt, pay 12d. heriot for 2 1/2 acres (Northern Genealogist, Vol. VI, p. 54). Kippax Registers. Thomas Wawne sepultus erat vicesimo nono die July 1664. Hampsthwaite Registers. 1703, Margaret Waune buryed December ye 19th, Fellis[cliffe]. Horbury Chapel Registers, par. Wakefield. 1627/8, February, Thomas wayne and Alice Thorns married the xviij day. 1634/5, Nathaniell Waune son of Tho. Waune baptised the 4th of Januarie. 1685/6, ffebruary, Alice Waun buried the 26th day. Sandal Magna Registers. 1630, Jonathan, s. of Thos. Waune, bap. [no day or month]. Manor Court of Altofts in par. of Normanton, co. York. Wills and Administrations. Wawne, Thomas, gent., Inv. 1668. Feet of Fines for the Tudor Period, 1573, Michaelmas Term, 15 & 16 Eliz. Marcus Oglethorpe, gent, and John Awnebye, Plaintiffs, and John Skelton, gent., and Isabel, his wife, and William Wawne and Margaret, his wife, Deforcients, of 10 messuages, 10 cottages and a windmill with lands in Kellyngton, Shyrwood, Roll, Egbrowgh, Haddesley, Beall, Whytley, Womersley, and Hensall (Yorksh. Arch. Soc., Record Ser.) All the villages mentioned are near Pontefract. Mark Oglethorpe was second son of Thomas Oglethorpe of Beall by a daughter of ... Vavasour of Haslewood (Harl. MSS., 1394, fol. 228). Paver's Marriage Licenses. I6II, Richard Wawne of Wakefield and Susan Wastell of Leeds—at either place. 1665, James Hardwicke, clothier, 30, and Sarah Wawne, widow, 28, Leeds,—at Chapel Allerton. Calverley Parish Registers. Marriages, 1631, Thomas Simm and ffrancii Waune (or Wanne) June viij.

    The six following wills speak for themselves:—

In the name of God Amen the fyrst day of december in the yeare of or lord god 1566 I Willm waune of the prishe of normanbie holle of mynd and yet of prfecte rememberance gevinge thanks vnto almyghtie god therfore makethe this my last will and testament in maner and forme ffollowinge ffyrst I gyve and bequithe my Soull vnto god almyghtie to or ladie sancte marie and to all the hollie Companye of heaven and my bodie to be buried within the Churche earth of Normanby aforesaid Also I gyve and bequithe vnto Richard waune my yongest Sonne ffoure quyes and one Colte stagge Also I gyve and bequithe vnto James boyes a yewe and a lambe Also I gyve and bequithe vnto Jane waune one quye Also I will that my sonne Edward waune shall haue my fermhold and he to be a loving sonne to his mother so that she may haue hir fynding ther during hir lyf Also I will that Thomas waune my eldest sonne shall haue his equall porcon throwe oute all my goods moveable and the Residew of my goods not gyven and bequithed my funerall expences deducte and paid I gyve and bequithe them vnto Eliz: my wif and my children that is to saye Edward waune and Richard waune whom I make my Executors of this my last will and Testament Thes being wittnesses Thomas wane and Thomas lowns with others.

                        (Proved at York, Vol. 17, fol. 639, on the 16th April 1567 by Eliz: the widow, and Edward the son of the deceased.)

In the name of God Amen I John wawne of Anknessa within the prishe of kirkebemoreshed in the countie of yorke holle of mynde and prfcte rememberance but seike in bodie Do make this my last will and testamente in maner and forme followinge That is to saie I do gyve my soull to god almyghtie or blessed ladie and to all the hollie companye in heaven and my bodie to be buried within my prshe churche yeard aforesaid Item I gyve and bequithe to Jane wawne my yongest doughter one of my best calfes and all the Residew of my goods my detts and funerall expences deduct and paid I do gyve vnto Jennet my wyfe alison Elline and Jane my doughters whom I do make myne Executors of this my last will and testament wrytten this xv day of December anno dni 1566 (et Rene Eliz nono) Thes wittnesses Rbt wod and Cuthbert watson withe others as Robt Day.

(Proved at York, Vol. 17, fol. 667, on the 28th July, 1567.)

In the name of God Amen the fourthe Day of ffebruarye In the yeare of our lord god athousande fyve hundrethe threscore eight and the eleventhe yeare of the Raigne of our sovrayne ladye quene Elisabethe I william wawne of hessell within the countye of kingston vpon hull hole of mynde and prfytt memorye prayse be to

            (a) Ankness, a farmstead in Bransdale, six miles N.W. of Kirbymoorside. The present farmhouse on the site of an older one was built in 1711, as appears by the date cut in the stone of the centre chimney stack and is at present occupied by the fifth generation of the family of Waind who have farmed this land.

god do make and ordayne thys my presente last will and testamente in manner and forme followinge ffyrst I do bequeathe my soull to allmightye god and my bodye to be buryed wythin the churche of hessill withe out the quere and to pay for the same accordinge to the custome Item I bequeathe the lease of the house that I am in to Isabell my wyffe duringe all the yeares in the same and one close in Estgayte for one hole yeare Item I bequeathe to my said wyffe the lease of the Barkehouse garthe withe a Dove cote for to helpe to mayntayn my sonne Richerd at the schole during the yeares contayned in the same Item I wyll to Rauffe and willm my sonnes betwene them bothe equallye my lease of my ferybote of hessell withe the appurtenance Provided allways that nether of them shall sell ther prte therof thone from thother Item I gyve to Alyce Chapman xxs. The rest of my goods vnbequeathed my debts paid I give vnto Isabell my wyffe and my thre children Rauffe willm and Richerd whome I make my full executors of this my last will and testamente Thes wytnesses John haiton in prston gaite willm Trotter Robert Barre Robert Blackwod and John Bonfray withe other meo.

                            (No probate, but will entered at York in Vol. 18, fol. 150. A date "June 17" is in the margin.)

In the name of God Amen the xxiiij day of Auguste Anno Regni Elizabethe Regine duodecimo ;et anno dni 1570 I Thomas wawne of the parish of normanbie hole of mynde and of prfect memorie yeldinge thanks thearfore vnto almyghtie god maketh this my laste will and testamente in manr and forme followinge ffirste I bequethe my soule vnto almightie god and to the blessed companie in heaven & my bodie to be buried in the churche yarthe of normanbie Also I geve and bequethe vnto John wawne my eldest sone my ffarmehoulde in normanbye Also I geve vnto willm wawne my yongest sonne a gray mare Also I geve vnto Agnes Penrose one Lambe Also I geve vnto thomas wawne one Lambe Also I geve and 'bequethe vnto Richarde dringe one Lambe The Resedewe of my goods not legate nor bequiethed I geve vnto Alyson my wyffe and my childeringe That is to saye John wawne willm wawne Ann wawne Katheringe wawne and dorotie wawnea whome I make my full Executors of this my laste will & testament witnesses hereof Robert dringe Thomas Boyes.

(Proved at York, Vol. 19, fol. 355, on the 13th July 1571.)

In the name of god Amen the two and twentie day of December in the yere of our lord god a thousand fyve hundreth seauentie fyve I Raufe waune of hesle wthin the countie of Kingstone vpon hull husbandman beinge Sicke in bodie prfect in remembrance thankes be to god doth ordaine and make this my last wyll and testamente in maner and forme followinge first I give and bequieth my soiile to almyghtie god my maker and redemer and my body to be buried in the prishe

            (a) Dorothy Wawne is mentioned in the will of William Wawne of Newbrough dated 23rd September 1588.

churche yeard of all hallowes in hesle aforesaid Item I wyll that Janet wawne my wyfe and willm wawne my sone be executors of this my last wyll and my goodes equallye devided betwixte them And yf yt fortune my said wyfe be wth child then r wyll that the said childe shall have the third prte of my whole goodes Also I wyll that willm wawne my brother and Robte Hunt and Peter Spicer be suprvisors of this my last will whome I wyll shall haue for ther paynes eury one of them sex pence These witnesses Robte Rude Thomas Eldaill and John Boyes.

                            (Proved at York, 2nd October 1576, by Janete the relict, and the custody of william the son granted to her during his minority. Vol. 20, fol. 112.)

In Dei Noie Amen that I Richarde Wawne of Normanbie the tenthe daie of Maie Anno Dni a thousand five hundrithe seventie six whole of mynde and good of remembrance and sycke onelie in bodie make and ordeine this my laste will and testamente in manner and forme followinge ffirste I bequithe and give my sowle to almightie god whome I acknowledge and confesse to be my maker and redeemer and savioure and my bodie to be buried wthin the Churcheyearde of Normanbie afforesaide Item I bequithe and give to my brother Edwarde Wawne the fole that the great White meare is withe if it prosper and do well if not the nexte that she hathe Item I bequithe and give to Willm harrison my father in lawe my sone Willm Wawne and his full porcon if he will take hime The resedewe of all my goode moveable and unmoveable my debte legacies and funalls discharged I give to Jane Wawne my wiffe and Willm Wawne my sone and the child th t my wiffe is withe whome I make my executors iontlie together of this my laste will and testamente Thes witnesses Thomas Boys and John thomson wth others.

(Proved at York, Vol. 21, fol. 176, on the 15th April 1578.)

Now let us look at the will of John Wawne of Great Edston. In his case at least it is true—

                Corpora ipsorum in pace sepulta sunt,

                Et nomen eorum vivit in generationem et generationem.

for by his will he became a benefactor whose charity is meted out to the poor to this very day. This will is as follows:—

In the name of God Amen the xxiij day of marche in the yere of oure lorde god a thowsande fyve hundrethe seventie & eighte I John Wawne of greate Edston in the countie of yorke yoman beynge visited wth sickness as yt pleasethe god yett beinge of a whole mynde and of prfecte remembrance do maik this my laste will and testamente in manner and forme followinge ffirste I bequeathe my soule vnto almightie god my maker & redeemer and my bodie to be buried in my prishe churche of Edston Also I geve unto my mother margaret Aireson all my interest & terme

of years that I have in the fermeholde that I nowe dwell on for the terme of her naturall lyfe And yf yt please god to call her from this lyfe before my yeres be ended Then I will that Mathewe Boyes the sone of my cosinge James Boys shall have the said fermeholde Also I geve & bequeath unto my said mother the howse and all the prfetts of my fermeholde in hooton in spawnton lordeshipp for her naturall lyfe and after her decease I geve the said ferme wtn all the howses lande medowe closes pasture and comons of pasture wth the appurtenances unto James his assignes all the terme of yeres that I have in the said ferme as dothe appeare by a lease granted by mr. John Bonvell upon this condicon that he the said James Boyes or his assignes shall pay or cause to be paid for and duringe all the yeres that I have in the said lease sex pounds every yere duringe all my yeres aforesaid at the feaste of Easter and St. michaell the Archangell by even porcons vnto the moste nedefull olde and poore people of kirkbiemoreshed greate Edstone Spawnton hooton lastingeham and Apleton that is to say to the poore of kirkebiemoreshed everie yere xls. to the poore of Greate Edston every yere xls. and to the poore of Spawnton hooton lastingeham and wodapleton everie yere xls. at the termes aforesaid prvided always that yf the said James Boys or his assignes do refuse to pay the said vjli. every yere as is aforesaid that then this gifte towardes hym or his to be voide and he the said James and all others clayminge any intereste by hym to leave the occupacon of the ferme wth the appurtenances and the churche wardens for the time beinge in kirkebie moreshed Edston & lastingeham to taik the said ferme wth thappurtenances into their custodie from yere to yere duringe all the foresaid terme and to lette yt to the moste valewe they can to the use aforesaid Also I geve and bequeathe vnto Agnes Marshall and Alison wawne my servante and kinswomen and to either of them ten poundes and the said xxli. to be taken of my childes porcon to be paid at suche tyme as god shall call my mother from this lyfe Also I geve vnto my servante Willm Boyes my bay fillie and my beste liverey cote Also I geve vnto my servande Thomas hagges one Ewe & a lambe and my elder leverey cote Also I geve to the mendinge of the cawsey in the towne of Edston iijs. iiijd. Also I geve Also I geve to every howseholder that dwellethe in any grasse howse in great Edston one bushell of wheate Also I geve vnto Richarde marshall my cosinge one Ewe and one lambe all the reste of my goods my dettes beynge paid and my legacies fulfilled I geve to mgaret Ayrson my mother whom I maike my sole executrix Theis beinge witnesses Willm Vandyke John dawken James Boyes wtn others.a

                        (Proved at York, Vol. 21, fol. 365, on the 19th Febry 1579/80.)

            (a) From a genealogical point of view this will is not of great interest as the testator does not appear to have left issue and indeed makes no mention of a wife. His body was buried at Great Edston according to his wish on the 24th March 1578/9. The following records of the charity exist:—

            KIRBYMOORSlDE.—An inscription upon a Board in the Tower of the Parish Church of Kirby

By her will dated 30th January 1581/2 Alice Waghen of Kingston upon Hull, widow, directed her body to be buried in St. Mary's Church within Kingston upon Hull "so nighe to my husband William Waghen as conveniently may be............

Unto John Johnson son of John Johnson of Kingston upon Hull, merchant, whom he begott with Isabell my late daughter the one half of all my lands in Holderness that is to say all my lands tenements and hereditaments lying and being within the Town Fields and territories of Out Newton a in Holderness aforesaid...............Unto my daughter Mary and to William

Maxwell her husband all my lands tenements and hereditaments lying and being within the Town fields and territories of Skefflinge and Sproatley in Holderness aforesaid...............Unto

Xpofer Waghen my son in law my best gold ring one silver spoon a basynge and a ewer and a hollow balke with barres of iron to it Item I do give unto the same Xpofer all glass windows the woodwork of my buttre and all other wood work at this present being now about my present dwelling-house."b

On the 14th December 1583, administration of the goods of Thomas Wawne of Place Newton in the parish of Wintringham, deceased, was granted at York to Elizabeth Wawne the widow

            Moorside records that: "John Wawne out of his lands at Hutton in ye Hole gave £2 per annum for ever, paid by Jno. Taylor, 1732." (Vide also Victoria Hist, of Yorksh., Vol. I., p. 516.)

            great edston.—In the inside of the back cover of the Churchwardens' account book for the parish of Great Edston there is the following entry: "John Wown out of his Lands at Hutton in the Hole left 2£ per Annum to the Parish of Great Edston for ever: Paid by John Featherston. ——1890. Whale Joe's Field Hutton le Hole Bank Top pays the sum of 1£. Clay Garth Hutton le Hole occupied by William Hebron, owner Mr. Hallon, Pays the sum of 1£. Received by John Garnett, Overseer in the Year 1890." Weston's Hist. of Lastingham (p. 59) states: "At the top of Hutton Bank, on the way to Kirby Moorside, there is a gateway which calls to mind the old whaling industry of Whitby. On either side of the gate is a whale's jaw-bone, connected at the top by a timber from an old whaling ship." The Vict. Hist. of Yorksh. (Vol. I, p. 478) says regarding Great Edston "An ancient yearly payment, issuing out of certain lands called Ridings in the township of Hutton le Hole, and another yearly payment of £1 out of lands called Claygarths in the same township, are distributed amongst the poor under the title of John Wawn's charity." It would appear that Whale Jaws Field and the Ridings are the same piece of land.

            spaunton, hutton le hole, lastingham and appleton-le-moor.—One pound of the £2 belonging to these townships appears to be missing. The Rev. F. H. Weston in his Hist. of Lastingham, at pp. 81 and 82, says nothing of any payment in Lastingham and Appleton-le-Moors townships, but in respect of Spaunton states "John Wawne gave 6s. 8d. out of his lands in the township of Hutton-le-Hole, now (1914) in the possession of John Garbutt," and regarding Hutton-le-Hqle, "John Wawne gave 13s. 4d. per annum out of lands in the township of Hutton-le-Hole, now in the possession of John Garbutt." These benefactions appear to have been recorded on a Dole Board that was in Lastingham Church before its restoration in 1879. Wodapleton was the ancient name of Appleton-le-Moor.

            (a) Out Newton, a hamlet in the parish of Easington.

            (b) Proved at York, 5th March 1581/2, Vol. 22, fol. 193.

and relict,a who did not long survive her husband, for on the 23rd May 1584 administration of the goods of Elizabeth Wawne of Wintringham parish, deceased, was granted at York to William Jefferson, her brother.b

        Next is a series of Wills and Administrations:

In the name of god Amen The eyghtenthe daye of June in the yeare of our lord god a thousand fyve hundrethe eyghtie and fyve I willm wawne of Hessell wtnin the dioc of yorke husbandman do ordeyne and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge beinge then in prfect mynd and memorie ffirst I bequiethe my soule to almyghtie god and my bodie to be buried in the Churche yeard of alhallowes in hessell aforesaid Itm I give and bequiethe to Janet my wyfe the house that I nowe dwell in duringe her widdow head And after I give the same to Thomas wawne my sonne and to his heires for ever And for lacke of heires of his bodie lawfullie to be begotten I give the said house to Elline wawne my doughter and to her heires for ever And for lacke of heires of her bodie lawfullie to be begotten Itm I give and bequieth the same to willm wawne my sonne and to his heires for ever Itm I give and bequieth to my said sone willm wawne the house thas was prestons wth the ground thereto belonginge to him and • his heires for ever And for lacke of heires of his bodie lawfullie to be begotten I give the said house and grounde vnto Thomas wawne my sonne and to his heires for ever And for lacke of heires of his bodie lawfullie to be begotten I give and bequiethe the foresaid house and ground vnto my aforesaid Doughter Elline wawne and to her heires for ever Itm my will is that my said wyfe Janet shall haue and enioye bothe the said houses duringe her widdowhead Itm I give and bequiethe vnto my said Doughter Elline all the money that John Wilson owes me and thre syluer spones The residue of all my goodes my Detts paid and my funralles discharged I give and bequieth vnto Janet wawne my said wyfe and to willm Thomas and Elline my said children wch said wyfe and Children I do ordeyne and make my full Joynt coexecutoures And I do comitt the tuicon vpbringinge and goverment of my said thre Children wth all their prtes porcons and other rights of my goodes to my said wyfe Janet wawne c duringe ther minorities Thes beinge Witnesses Melchier smyth Phillippe watma' Willm Grene Richard ffugill and Thomas myghell.

                            (Proved at York 8th April 1586 by Janet the relict with power reserved to William Thomas and Elline they being under age, Vol. 23, fol. 185.)

            (a) Administration Acts in York Probate Registry (Bucrose). Letters of Administration are granted where no will is left by a deceased person.

            (b) Administration Act, York (Bucrose). The parish register entries of Wintringham, a village 11 miles S.E. of Normanby, appear later.

            (c) Notwithstanding this, curation of Ellen Wawne daughter of William Wawne late of Hessell deceased was granted on the 17th March 1590 during her minority to John Brokilbanke of Hessell at the spontaneous and free election of the said Ellen. Also, on the 20th May 1591, the Dean of Hull granted curation of Thomas Wawne son of William Wawne late of Hessell deceased to Jane ffugill. (Probate Act Books, York, Harthill.)

Wawn Family Tree